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JIS Groditz
Application Example Hardness Employed(HRC) Brochure
HPM7 1.2311 Mold required good weldability and machinability (Autoparts, home electronics, House equipment) 29 - 33 Download
HPM38 1.2083 Mold for Anti-corrosion / Mirror polish (Casette, Medical instruments, Food container, etc) 50 - 55
HMP31   Wear resistant mold for engineering resin (Gear, Connector, IC) 56 - 62
HPM-MAGIC XPM General Mass-Production Mold Autoparts,OA equipment, Home Electronics 37 - 41 Download
HPM-PRO XPM Lastic molds wich precise pursues consistency in production to meet requirement for elaborately designed products (LCD screen, Smart phone case...) 37 - 41 Download

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