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GRADE Features Standard hardness (HRC) Brochure 
YSS JIS Equivalent  Groditz
DAC SKD61 1.2344 Standard grade for general use with good balance of toughness, strength at elevated temperature and with excellent hardenability 46 - 52  Download
Free cutting
1.2347 Free cutting hot work tool steel (supplied in prehardened condition) for dies of small roduction use or dies・associated parts requiring good machinability. 38 - 42
YXR33 Matrix HSS   Matrix-type high speed steel with high toughness. Excellent strength and wear resistance at elevated temperature and excellent erosion resistance. Steel for
warm・hot precision forging dies and insert pins for die casting.
57 - 63
  High performance die steel for die casting with well balanced strength and toughness and strength at levated temperature. Excellent heat crack and stress corrosion crack resistance. 46 - 54  Download
DAC - P     Improve the charpy impact value at high temperature is 30% higher than DAC (SKD61). The toughness is aslo better 46 - 54  Download
DAC-I     For Die Casting,DAC-i has high toughness and high strength at elevated temperature compare with DAC and H13 (1.2344). Therefore, heat crack resistance of die is  increased, and die life improves. 46-52  

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