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Hitachi-MetalsHitachi Metals Group has established a strong reputation as a supplier of materials and components across a broad range of fields.

These include:
• High-Grade Metal Products and Materials,
• Electronics and IT Devices, and

• High-Grade Functional Components and Equipment. Since its inauguration in 1910, the Company has adhered to its corporate philosophy of contributing to society by creating “the best possible company.” The materials and components we supply are not always visible to end users, though they play indispensable roles in world markets and support the foundation of various industries. For example, our components are crucial for ensuring the security of automobiles and our materials have a decisive influence on the performance of electronic products.
Superior products result from our R&D capabilities, coupled with the input of our customers. Producing solutions to a variety of issues including global environmental protection, the evolution of our materials has also played a role in creating new markets. Therein lies our determination to become a development-driven company focused on leading-edge materials that support all stakeholders including customers to realize their dreams.
Ultimately, the goal of the Hitachi Metals Group is to become the driving force that helps to realize a sustainable society. In every facet of our business activities, we will consistently deliver enhanced value. Augmenting our status as a development-driven company, the Hitachi Metals Group will pursue growth in concert with its stakeholders, through quality-oriented management in tune with the demands of each era.
Looking ahead, we ask for your continued support and understanding as we progress toward our stated goals.




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