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Our Abilities
Employees Quantity : 60
Band Saw Cutting Machines      : 11
Milling Machines : 04
Two Headed Milling Machines : 02
Grinding Machines : 02
Rotary Grinding Machines : 01
Heat Treament Furnaces   : 07

4 Tool Steel

We provide all kind of tool steel for molding various kind of industries such as
Hitachi - Japan
- Cold work tool steel: SLD (SKD11), SLD-MAGIC (SKD11 cải tiến), SGT (SKS3), YCS3 (SKS93)…
- Hot work tool steels: DAC (SKD61), DAC-MAGIC (SKD61 cải tiến), FDAC (DAC có độ cứng sẵn)
- Plastic mold steels: HPM7 (P20), CENA-G, CENA-V (NAK80), HPM37 (SUS420j2, S-star), HPM31….
- High speed steel: YXM1 (SKH51), HAP40 (SKH40),...

Groditz - Germany
- Cold work tool steel: 1.2379 (SKD11)
- Hot work tool steels: 1.2344 (SKD61), 1.2714 (SKT4)
- Plastic mold steels: 1.2311 (P20), XPM (NAK55), GEST 80 VIC (NAK80), 1.2083 (S-star), 1.2085, 1.2316…

gioi-thieu-2 Cutting Service

We meet all kind of customer's size demand of thickness, width, length of steel by our various kind of band saw machines.

gioi-thieu-3 Milling Servicey

With our various kind of milling machines, specially Twin Headed milling machines, we can meet all kind of milling demand such as milling 2 faces, 4 faces, 6 faces with tolerance down to 0.05 - 0.1 mm.

gioi-thieu-4 Grinding Service

We can provide grinded product with gloss and smooth surface as customer's request with tolerance down to 0.02 mm

Heat Treament Service

 We do professional heat treatment service with various kind of tool steel and ensure the hardness as well as quality of product with our strict quality control and Hitachi


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